transform your relationship with plants.

sofi delivers all the plants you need to target your physical and mental wellbeing, in one smart spray.

our story   ·   04. Sep 2021

we’re launching our pioneer program

and we're looking for your honest feedback on our natural, plant-based remedies for sleep

Welcome! You’re just in time to kickstart your journey with us — but first, here’s a little bit of background. 

We’re sofi, the first intelligent and connected smart spray designed to deliver and track optimal plant-based formulation for you. sofi allows users to run and measure effective, personalised trials and discover which plants uniquely work for them.

Using our team of scientists and medical herbalists, sofi delivers all the plants you need to target your physical and mental wellbeing in one convenient place (plus we have a really nice, user-friendly app).

With people increasingly searching for alternative but effective ways to mitigate the daily stressors of life, there’s never been a greater desire for improved sleep, calm, energy, and relief. When it comes to these areas, we know natural, plant-based remedies have the potential to completely change the game.*

*Disclaimer: sofi is a food supplement and should never be used as a replacement for proper treatment or medical care.

As a result, we are currently getting ready to launch our first formulation with a select group of people and would love to invite you to be a part of this. As a Pioneer, you will gain priority access to our plant-pods before they get released on the market, receive access to our community, and directly help us to shape the future of sofi.

It’s all very exciting if you ask us.

Our first plant pod and smart spray formulation will contain Valerian, a plant that has been extensively studied for its role in targeting insomnia, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Our initial goal with this program is pretty simple: we want to see how much of an effect 4 weeks of using our Valerian pods can have on you, your sleep, and your overall well-being.

To find out more about why we're choosing to launch our first formulation using Valerian, visit our article linked for you here.

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