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sofi delivers all the plants you need to target your physical and mental wellbeing, in one smart spray.

our story   ·   25. May 2023

help us spread the word about sofi!

Purity of plants. Power of People. Preservation of Planet.

These principles drive everything we do as a community of pioneers - as sofi.

our challenge

As a tight-knit community of pioneers, inventors, scientists and adventurers, we will rely on each other, our community, to spread and grow our sofi, one Pioneer at a time.

Our strategy is not to shout the loudest, nor brightest but to make meaningful individual introductions to a friend, family, partner, mother, daughter, sister or someone that matters to us.

We hope that our community will grow sustainably amongst people we love; folks with whom we want to share the many benefits of plants.

You’ve all already been an incredible force for good at sofi, with all the amazing feedback and testing that has been done. As you have been able to enjoy the product and hopefully found it to make a significant positive impact in your lives, we hope you will explain how sofi works to others. And get them excited about joining us.

introducing our pioneer referral program

With the latest version of the sofi app now live, you will all have hopefully seen the roll-out of the new Sofi Seed Bank program and the addition of our ‘referral’ program. Each and everyone of us has now been given a unique link, which you can use to help people navigate to our registration page.

Our sofi Seed Bank program is the perfect opportunity to share the value of pioneering with sofi with those you feel may benefit from making new, unique discoveries with plants the most!

As a small token of gratitude (as sofi appreciates all of our efforts on her behalf), we'll earn sofi seeds each time someone we refer completes a different phase of the pioneer program, from downloading the sofi app, completing their baseline - and continue to progress through their journey.

using your unique link

With ease, you can copy your unique link that now lives in your app. You can send the link directly to your contacts, (feel free to add your own message, so they don’t just randomly get a link from you 🙂), or post it to social media for example. Your link can be added to any social media page or even your “bio” that refers new Pioneers to our Program, organically, and directly from the source: you!

And for other ways you can use your link to support our community and help us to grow, you can think of:

  • Posting about sofi when your latest formulations arrive
  • Tagging us on social media in an unboxing video
  • Create a testimonial video of your experience with sofi so far on YouTube or TikTok
  • Posting in other communities you think could benefit from knowing about sofi

In addition, your unique link will help you track how your referrals are doing and ensure you get the rewards for putting in the effort for spreading the word about us.

We hope you all enjoy our Seed Bank program and look forward to welcoming all your friends, family and neighbours! All of your earned seeds will be saved to your Sofi Seed Bank daily. And all your earned seeds can later be exchanged for products in the sofi store.

And as always, any ideas, suggestions, feedback or help you need from us, please feel free to reach out and leave a comment on one of our posts or create your own in our community treehouse.

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