transform your relationship with plants.

sofi delivers all the plants you need to target your physical and mental wellbeing, in one smart spray.




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Sofi stick

long life

you can use your sofi pod for a week between charges, and it takes about one hour to recharge fully with any usb-c cable


your pod connects via bluetooth to the sofi app on your smartphone, allowing you to make new and unique discoveries with traditional plants

Sofi stick black Sofi stick white

personal + portable

simple, minimal, pocket-sized, and discrete, with ‘lock’ technology to prevent accidental sprays, an easy companion anywhere you go

black or white

available in brushed aluminium slate and glossy white. we couldn’t decide on our favourite, so we're leaving the choice to you

and inside lies

nature’s magic

power plants

we have two types of natural formulations. plant remedies you spray to swallow , where impact is felt within 10 days. and functional fragrances that you spray like a perfume, activating instantly to boost your mood.

we reviewed hundreds of papers to select the best plants known for their scientific + therapeutic potential to naturally improve sleep and calm.

and we work closely with herbalists, conservationists and botanic gardens to ensure the quality and sustainability of all our plants.

Sofi Passiflora


lat.// valeriana officinalis


Sofi Valerian Formulation


lat.// passiflora incarnata


Sofi Passiflora Formulation


lat.// withania somnifera


Sofi Ashwagandha Formulation

we add new plants to our range of formulations every season. to try them ahead of general release, sign up for our pioneer program. you can find out more here.


our free app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and serves as your digital dashboard for sofi. this is where you can view your discoveries with the plants, journal your mood and sleep on-the-go, connect with our online community, and receive direct support from the team.

perhaps most critically, the sofi app is where you will see the results as sofi crunches your numbers to identify the unique impact of the plants on you.

Sofi app

never sofi alone

join our online community - the sofi ‘treehouse’- where you'll find insights, answers, and experiences from thousands of members and pioneers

within an hour I felt a relaxation come over me that I've never felt. I am totally convinced it's working...


wow, absolutely astonishing!!!!! ... all I know is that if it was made available to the wider public it would help so many more. I can't thank you enough... it's been a game changer for me.


I was pleased to report that this really worked for me, like REALLY worked! I slept better than I had in years!


within a few days I have already noticed much better sleep. falling asleep faster without the worrying thoughts!...


I was dubious of the ability of a herbal extract to resolve sleeplessness. however, for the last 4 days, i have noticed a steady improvement in the quality of my sleep.


the last 3 nights I’ve had the best sleep in years, its amazing. I can’t praise sofi highly enough, as without it, I’d still be all over the place.


7 days into using my sofi stick and already feeling a difference, falling asleep almost immediately when head hits the pillow.


within an hour I felt a relaxation come over me that I've never felt. I am totally convinced it's working...