improve your sleep with ashwagandha plant pods at no cost

there is no obligation to purchase, we only ask for your feedback in return.

sofi sticks

you’ll receive

scientifically crafted plant formulations helping to improve sleep

three sofi plant pods each containing a variation of ashwagandha and natural extracts

elegant sofi stick and free sofi app to journal and analyse your experience with each ashwagandha plant pod

access to our "treehouse" community of sofi experts and pioneers

sofi valerian

For the first time in history, we can understand people’s unique responses to plants at the individual level. So the most crucial part of this equation is you.

Introducing our Pioneer Program

As a Pioneer, you’ll get your hands on our new plant pods before anyone else and trial our brand new formulation completely free - in return for providing us with feedback of your sofi experience! Our initial goal is to see how much of an effect our ashwagandha pods have on your sleep and overall well-being over the course of 4 weeks.

There are no obligations and we won’t be asking for your credit card details. Instead, you’ll receive:


our elegant sofi stick for convenient delivery of our expertly crafted plant-formulations for better sleep.


three sofi plant pods each containing a variation of ashwagandha extract and flavour (we know taste is personal and we want you to love your well-being journey with us). You can find out more about ashwagandha by clicking here.


access to our online “treehouse” community of sofi pioneers who share our passion for discovery and well-being.