our story   ·   09. September 2021

what is sofi?

hint: we're the first 100% personalised plant-based medicine

Hi, we’re sofi and it’s such a pleasure to meet you. 

Here, we believe that natural, plant-based medicines are the oldest technology in human health and can play a much more significant role in our well-being than they currently do. 

Take, for example, the fact that half of all the modern medicines we use today root directly from the earth, with 10-25% of all prescription drugs containing one or more ingredients derived from plants (1). 

Or that more than 35,000 plant species are used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes around the world (2). 

In this way, we’ve seen plants used for thousands of years across cultures to help cure and relieve symptoms for a variety of ailments and conditions — until now, we just haven't understood the underlying science so well. 

With sofi, our challenge was to create a modern way to characterise plants, understand their variability, and deliver them in an easy-to-use system that would allow us to learn individual experiences with each plant and get on with our busy lives.  

sofi was born as a creative solution to a complex but outrageously common problem: the struggle to feel truly well.

Time and time again we noticed the same three pain-points cropping up for people who were in search of a better way to address the limitations within their day-to-day. 

This is what we found:

  1. Treatment plans that lacked any form of personalisation
  2. A lack of scientific clarity and too much confusion on the behalf of consumers
  3. We felt strongly that most of the products, systems, and procedures currently out there were missing the one thing that (arguably) matters to human health the most: community. 

Part of what makes sofi so unique is that we believe you shouldn't have to be a botanist to get the most out of plants, and you certainly shouldn’t have to feel like you’re on your own. 

Our team of scientists, supported by our medical and scientific advisory boards, have worked hard on identifying and fingerprinting the individual compounds that we need. As a result, we have designed a method of delivery in the form of a beautifully designed connected oral spray, lip-stick sized for convenience and discretion. 

The digitally connected spray pairs with a journaling app on your smartphone and captures every press, generating a convenient journal automatically that uses your feedback to document the effects of the plant-based formulations that are specific to you. This way we can understand which plants work best for you, when and how much. 

You can think of us like the “Spotify” of plants. 

Our sofi app is designed with a world of calming illustrations, strategically engineered sounds, and a treehouse full of highly impressive, historically and scientifically-substantiated plants. 

Here, sofi combines personalisation and self-empowered observation with the simple desire to get you to fall asleep, reduce your anxiety, and stress just that little bit less. 

And because we wanted our approach to healthcare and plant-based wellness to be one that’s 100% based on you, sofi employs a research method referred to as “N-of-1”. We are the first of our kind, and hope to pave the way for a better future of personalised plant-based medicine.

This means that instead of relying on randomized controlled trials to tell us what might work for an average population, we look towards the experience of the individual — and the data points we collect via our app — to make the main expert of remedying your problems with plant-based medicine, you.

From there, it’s our hope to foster a community of citizen scientists, who, with the help of herbalists and mainstream healthcare professionals, can find formulations that allow our community to thrive. 

Whether that means overcoming sleepless nights, improving energy peaks and troughs throughout the day, or just making you feel your better-than-usual self — we’re here to help in any way we can.

We knew very early on that if we were going to do this right then we wanted to provide you with support every step of the way. 

So, from all of us here at sofi, we can't wait to meet and hear from you as we embark on this incredible journey! 


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